China mould will achieve high-end, refinement, standardization, informatization

Release Time. 2024-01-09

《The China mould and die industry “the 12th-5 years” planning》set clear goals and strategic position for the development of China mold and die industry in the next five years.
During “the 12th-5years”, China mould will develop with a more large, precision, complex, efficient and more economic direction, technology content will constantly improve, mould manufacturing cycle will be continuously shorten; Mould manufacturing will continue to develop with information and integration, digital and refinement, high speed and automation direction. And the goal’s realization must rely on technology progress in manufacturing technology, innovation and scientific management.
Therefore, mould industry also actively promote the standardization of construction, now the national mold standardization technical committee has been actively promoted the industry standard of improvement. Hope can perfect mould industry guarantee system by the enterprise standardization of construction so that it can promote the development of the industry. In “the 12th-5years” period, if mould product need to get high-end, refinement, mould industry must achieve standardization and informatization.