Litop Mold is specialized in Mould & Die Manufacturing for Automotive, Home Appliance, Electronics, Industrial Products, Medical Equipment’s and etc from last 20 years.

Our name itself signifies a relationship of deep trust. Trust is sacrosanct in all relationships at Litop Mould while working towards our vision of being a globally preferred sustainable solutions provider.

We successfully provide fully optimized solutions to our customer from Product Design, Mould manufacturing to mass quantity production for many international famous companies.

With a professional mould Design team and management, Litop Mold definitely meet your high standards in Injection Moulding parts.

Apart from Injection Moulding we are also known for the Sheet Metal Dies & Die Casting Dies.

We make parts. Parts that come together in a collaborative work of art and engineering. Our name isn't on it, and that's fine with us. We’re just proud to be part of the world's most admired Group.

Our industry is highly engineered and constantly evolving. To embrace rapid change, we need to take the long view. Our Five-year plans allow us to align with our customer's strategies for long-term growth. Our operations are strategically located to supply to our customers.

Becoming a preferred partner takes time and trust. Every day we work hard to earn that trust. Our long-term customers look to us for solutions when other suppliers are in trouble. That’s how we made our biggest acquisition to date.

From the choice of materials and product design to management of our supplier base, from energy use and waste handling to product delivery, the sustainability initiatives at Litop help to build a sustainable society.